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I'm Ayushi 

I am a confidence and motivation coach. I am what you call a jack of all trades! I run a marketing agency which allows me to wear many hats in itself. I also avidly create content across YouTube, Instagram & other social media. I have a podcast called Note-to-Self, which you can find on Spotify and all other popular podcast platforms by searching my name! 


It all started with fervid curiosity and a desire to help others. 

I remember the earliest days of my childhood. Every conversation with my parents and grandparents revolved around understanding how the world functioned. Whether I was on a roadtrip with them or having lunch at home post school, we would spend hours talking about science, history, culture, languages and people. That is where the seed of curiosity and ambition was planted. The seed grew into a plant that wanted to do it all.


I am a first generation business owner in my entire extended family and without a business background, I’ve been running my own successful business for 5+ years now. You know what helped me do that? Confidence. 


Confidence coaching gets me goose-bumpy and tingly like nothing else, because confidence is the only true route to real success and underpins everything meaningful you’ll do.


There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled than helping other people achieve their dreams. This is the reason I have been coaching and mentoring creative minds around the world since 2020. I have worked with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities to help them overcome the three thieves of true joy: Self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. 

My Mission

It’s my ultimate mission to help you remember that you have the greatest potential to achieve all your dreams and goals. I’m on a mission to partner with you on the journey that leads towards the life you’ve been imagining for yourself. 


When you work with me, you will receive a blend of healing modalities, mindset work, & practical exercises carefully curated for your personal empowerment. In a personalised deep dive into your biggest challenges, we will call forward pieces of you that are looking for change and transformation. We will embolden them with strength based coaching, mindful explorations and practical integration exercises.

Sounds like something you want to explore?

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" Choosing yourself means to recognise what is best for you and how to make the most of your life."

Here's what people have to say:

Also, Ayushi I just wanted to tell you that it's been amazing to work with you! I have already learned so much in the past week. You have always been so flexible. I am really enjoying working here! Thank you so much

Priya Tekriwal

Let’s be friends!

Hey! I would love to hear from you and chat with you. You can connect with me on my socials, linked below. 


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