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Each one of us is meant for greatness.

Worry less
Accomplish more!

with Ayushi

Let's be real for a moment.

Opportunities don’t necessarily have to come to you, opportunities can be created, by you. For you. And for an incredible future. Do that thing you've been wanting to do. Chase that dream you've always had. 

I know how its done. I can be your wingwoman.

Imagine having the confidence and never ending motivation that leads you right to your goal. A coach who has done it for herself, who helps make it feel effortless, viable, and exciting! What if you bid adieu to procrastination, excuses and self-doubt and took control of your destiny?

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I have been there

After completing my graduation in Bio Technology, I was interning at IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious institutions in my country. A place anybody from my major would kill to be at, but I wasn't happy. I wanted something else from life. Something big. Something exciting.

So what changed? Taking up a field I only had limited knowledge about, working with startups from around the world as a freelancer, making short & feature films and then finally running my own successful business right from the age of 24 only happened because I let go of my inhibitions, my doubts, my fears. 


I knew one simple thing - I will succeed in whatever I do if I give it my all. 


I’ve been at this for 6+ years and have developed an unbreakable mindset that, when personalised to you and your objectives, will change your life—big time.


My job is to question your limiting beliefs and challenge you to think outside the box so you can trade your excuses and what-ifs for a realistic game plan that empowers you to expand your life, career, and dreams.

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6 Week Confidence Coaching Programme

Is One-on-One Confidence Coaching Right for You?

This is for you if...

You know the current path you’re on is not in alignment with your goals

You know you have gifts to share with the world but are unsure HOW to share them

You are READY to realign your life to experience ultimate empowerment & happiness

You know limiting beliefs are holding you back from living the life of your dreams

You feel like your fears are getting in your way to success

You want to find your true purpose and create a balanced life that is in alignment with it 

You love learning about yourself and are ready to commit to internal and external growth

You know that no one makes it to the top alone and you're ready for a coach who truly cares and gets you; you're ready for a hype woman and strategist in your corner to put some fuel to your fire

What’s Included?

What’s Included?

6 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching Calls [Total 8 hours]

In these personalised deep dive sessions into your biggest challenges, we will call forward pieces of you that are looking for change and transformation. We will embolden them with strength based coaching, mindful explorations and practical integration exercises.

If you're in the need of growth in your personal and professional life, you're in the right place.

Unlimited Lifetime Telegram Support

For all the stuff that comes up in between our coaching calls, I’m here for you! We’ll be connected via Telegram chat so you don’t have to feel alone in your journey towards transformation. 

Personalised Detailed Action Plan & Tools

These will be housed in a shared folder where both you and I can access your progress. You will also find tools and exercises in this folder that will keep you on track towards building your dream life, in between our calls. 

Access to Call Recordings

Upon request you also have the opportunity to access our sessions as a recording.

Access to All upcoming Ebooks for 365 days

As a confidence and motivation content creator, I create and publish multiple ebooks that can be bought through my social media. For you, all the upcoming ebooks will be free to access for 365 days from their release.

Are you ready for a breakthrough? This is the time to invest in what really matters: Living Your Best Life! 

30% discount on all video courses & live webinars for lifetime


First of all, I would love to express my gratitude towards the God for blessing me with such a wonderful person in my life as a life coach. Secondly I would love to express my gratitude towards Ayushi for being such a great supportive person with being judgemental. 

I have been fighting battle against odds since November 2015, but most of the time lack of the emotional support. I couldn't keep up because I kept losing my confidence. Many times, I wanted to give up on everything. But genuinely, after starting starting working with Ayushi over my confidence, I am being better at whatever Iam doing right now. As Ayushi helped me to figure out solutions for my issue. As I used to do overthinking on various things and situations. But the tools and tips she gave me have helped me enormously. As she has helped me to figure out what should I concentrate on first, how should I schedule my tasks, and how can I work on my emotional and mental health.

There are a lot to say but I would like to conclude with She is really genuinely a wonderful and amazing person and her guidance has really helped me a lot. As  she said in one of her videos that God cannot be everywhere that's why God sends angels in the disguise of some humans so I believe she is th one for me. And I would like to express my gratitude towards the God and Ayushi for helping me fight this battle. Thank you Ayushi, thank you so much.

Shyam Verma

So many people are seeing results from working with a confidence coach. Do you want to find the same success?

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