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A Better You:
The Power of Self Compassion

Hey, it’s Ayushi! I’m SO glad you’re here and I am so excited about my course
A Better You: The Power of Self Compassion.

I created something special just for you. It’s 100% free and I want you to have it to celebrate the fact that you just got through 2 of the most difficult years we have faced in our lifetimes. The lockdown was not easy and I want to help you reset your mindset about yourself so you can achieve sustainable happiness and success mindfully. 

Self-compassion involves treating the self with care and concern when considering personal inadequacies, mistakes, failures, and painful life situations.


This document contains 3 different self-compassion tools.


Each tool is structured in the same way, consisting of a background section, a goal description and advice for using the exercise.

This life-changing, FREE experience is for YOU.


Feel free to share with your friends, your family, your team members, and anyone in your life who needs self-love right now.

Ready for some serious change? 

Stop thinking and sign up right now.You have nothing to lose, it’s free.I designed this 3-part course to overcome some of the biggest mistakes you make when trying to improve your life and this science-backed information is game-changing.

How can you get these trainings?

Simple. Just sign up below.


I have nothing to sell you; my only objective for this program is that YOU get the tools you need to grow sustainably. 

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