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Looking inward with Ayushi Mathur

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My podcast 'Note To Self' is all about self-love, confidence, and faith in oneself! In my podcast, I talk about cultivating positive habits through a perspective change towards ourselves and share actionable steps towards building strong, positive self-esteem.

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Ayushi Mathur podcast
Ayushi Mathur podcast
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I talk my heart out

I started my podcast with one simple goal in my mind - to help people feel better about themselves and achieve their highest potential while being self-compassionate and mindful. As I work through my own journey of self-acceptance and self-improvement, I share everything I try, everything that works for me and everything that doesn't. 

I don't hold anything back. All the episodes of my 'Note to Self' podcast are full of personal experiences, struggles, failures and even successes. I share everything I learn as I navigate through life being a 20-something business owner, content creator and coach, with the hope that it will help all my listeners grow in whichever areas of life they want to work on. 


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Feedback from the community

"Listened to it sometime back and still moved at the sensibility and the ,maturity of the content and beauty of presentation. Honest and wonderfully put"


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