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Embracing and Evolving with Change

Hello! Welcome to my new and reformed blog.

Today we'll be talking about change, embracing it and evolving with it. Since this is the first blog after a break of one whole year, I'll tell you a little about me. I am young, I am in my 20s, but in my life, the circumstances I have gone through have taught me a thing or two about self-love, confidence and the importance of having faith in myself. That is exactly what I want to be sharing with you in this blog, so you and I can look into the mirror and see a strong, determined, compassionate individual capable of achieving everything.

Change is the only constant.

Let's talk about change. I'm sure you must have heard these lines multiple times in your life. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant. And in all the ways, this is absolutely true. What's also true is that change never feels natural or easy.

If this last one year has taught us one thing, it is that certain things are beyond our control and things are meant to change. Until February twenty twenty, I was all set to travel the world. I had plans to at least travel twice every month. I had already bought a lot of equipment, done all my research and planned on my agency work in a way that allows me to travel more often.

But. But March must have been one such month that changed all our lives, didn't it? Suddenly, nothing. Nothing made sense. Nobody could do what they were used to. And just like everybody else, it was a very difficult time for me as well. I spent the first couple of months being lazy with no no clear goals, no direction, no positivity, but just uncertainty. It took a while and a lot of little changes to turn that around, to turn that mindset around to where I am today.

I feel like a complete 180 degree shift has happened. I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm more productive than I've ever been. And even though I feel like a reformed person today, none of these changes happened overnight. It's not a fairy tale. Life is not a fairy tale. Nobody will say one fine day everything changed for the princess. That definitely did not happen with me. Everything that I accomplished in the last few months, everything that changed in my life or everything that I feel today has been a set of little decisions that I took over time over the months to be where I am today, to be in a happy state.

Now to all these little changes. There are a few solid lessons that I learned which I'd love to share with you today. One thing, though, that I want you to keep in mind before we get into the takeaways of this blog, I want you to know that embracing change and evolving with it is essential for us to grow as individuals and become better people in all aspects of our lives. So once you accept and embrace change, I'm sure everything I'm going to tell you now is going to really make sense. So let's get into the four key takeaways that I have for you today:

1. Accepting change encourages development.

What does this actually mean now, because we repel change and want to stay in the familiar comfort zones all our lives, most of us end up going through life without ever living up to our full potential. All around us, there's a change happening, there's change everywhere we see every day, then what about it is so intimidating. We need to embrace and accept change, let it work for us in our favor, and that way we can lead happier lives and truly undergo the process of growth.

2. We can make the change happen.

We need to analyze our lives and find the negatives. The sooner we become aware of things that don't ultimately work for us or work in our benefit, the better we can work towards making the change ourselves. So the focus here is that we don't have to wait for the change to happen to us. We can make it happen. We just need to step back. Analyse our lives and change what is not working for us. Moving on to number three:

3. We need to make change while we can before the changes make us.

It is so much better to initiate change ourselves instead of being a passive spectator in our own lives caught up in a whirlpool of changes. Our attitude towards life is affected by our ability to embrace change. We need to embrace change with a calm and relaxed mind. And know where we are going exactly and what we are setting out to accomplish. So, again, this point really focuses on the fact that we don't need to be passive in our own lives. We can make the changes happen. We can take control of what is going to happen in our lives if we move in with a direction, with a plan. Now to the fourth and my favorite point of today:

4. Self-loathing and self-pity are counterproductive.

Feeling bad for oneself, feeling bad for ourselves will often lead us down a negative path. It is counterproductive to the changes that we have been working on. It is counterproductive to our growth and will keep us stagnant. So instead, it is time to stop blaming the circumstances. It is time to set clear objectives, guidelines and goals for ourselves and strive hard to achieve those. Now I completely understand and I know that uncertainty that accompanies change can cause fear and insecurities. However, this is the time to channel all that negative negativity in our life, all those negative emotions, and direct them towards action. Nothing will be fruitful if we keep brewing in our own fears and insecurities. It is time to embrace change and march ahead with as much control as possible.

So, yes, that brings us to the end of this blog, I really hope that this creates a dialogue in your mind. I really hope you take away something important from this blog that will actually help you change your life for good. I really hope this was useful and helpful for you.

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