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How To Not Feel Lonely During The Month Of Love

When we think of February, the first thought that pops up in our mind is that of Valentine’s day. It is the month associated with love and companionship so naturally, many think of it as the perfect time to celebrate their relationships with their better halves.

But for some, this month turns into a reminder of absence of love which leads to feelings of loneliness. While loneliness is a common human experience, dealing with it can seem incredibly tough and managing emotions can be a daunting task especially when images of happy couples are all you can see.

First things first, if you are feeling lonely know that you are not alone. This month is all about celebrating love and it is important to remember that you need to love yourself too. This can be the perfect time for you to recognize your own worth and celebrate yourself!

We are all aware that we need to take some time to focus on our own selves. But how often do we do it? For starters, keep in mind that you are your biggest priority and no one else can take your place. Whenever you feel low, write down your thoughts in a journal. Remember, the more you focus on yourself, the more energy you will have to give to the people around you.

Here are some tips to help you overcome the loneliness blues during the month of love:

  1. Identify activities that make you feel good

Nurturing self-love can be done through activities that help you feel better. Pursue that long lost hobby that used to make you feel alive and great. Read a good book, listen to your favorite songs. Instead of trying to avoid the feelings of loneliness, acknowledge them and focus on ways that will help you cope.

  1. Connect with friends

During this time it can be beneficial for you to spend time with your friends who share the same feelings. It may be comforting for you to talk to them. Reach out to your friends and make plans to spend some time with them. Social connections usually help ease the feeling of loneliness.

  1. Practice self-love

Self-love is not limited to just loving yourself. It also means accepting and respecting yourself. You may feel that you are imperfect but there is always room for growth. You have strengths and weaknesses both and that is perfectly normal. Identify what makes you happy and try to do it every single day. It will help you combat stress and improve your overall well-being.

  1. Volunteer

Giving back to the community is a great way to help others in need and feel a sense of purpose. It can also be a great opportunity for you to meet new people and get to know them. Look out for community events and volunteering opportunities in your area.

  1. Take a break

Consider taking a break from anything and everything that makes you feel negative. This can be social media or a group of people who you do not feel positive around. If you are too tired to do anything, then do nothing! That is perfectly fine. Taking a break will help you clear your mind and bounce back with positivity.

If the feelings of loneliness persist, do not hesitate to seek support. Try speaking to a therapist or counselor and find ways that will help you cope up better. One size does not fit all and a therapist will help you with personalized tools and resources to overcome negative feelings.

Remember, it is perfectly normal to feel lonely during this time. The tips I have given in this article will help you feel better. They do require some time and effort from your end but I promise the rewards are totally worth it!

Remember, self-love is the foundation of all kinds of love. So, take the first step today towards loving yourself because how you love yourself is how you show others to love you and soon you will be surrounded with positivity and happiness.

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